We serve to ramp up your business through intelligent simulation.Leveraging smarter decisions at scale for optimized productivity.
An AI based solution for maximum leverage with fastest automation insights for data-driven culture.


(Digital Branding)Advanced Content Analytics for Publishers

  • SEO Suggestions for Digital Marketing
  • Affiliate content marketing
  • Hashtag generations
  • Advanced Social Media Analytics
  • Omnichannel Analytics
  • Real time monitoring
  • Influencers Profiling
Be the driving influence for your client with improved regularity in measurement and tracking analytics.

Powering your News Creations and Information Analytics

  • Advanced Search
  • Trusted Sources for News Analytics
  • Structured Data Extraction
  • Efficient Content Sourcing
  • Authorship Analysis
  •  Build authoritative and trustworthy content that is useful and engaging.

Empowering Business Decisions

  • Media Monitoring Solutions
  • Risk and Market Analysis Solutions
  • Worldwide Event Detection Solution
  • Enhances your marketing strategy with content specific analysis for future benefits.

Advertising Enterprises

  • Access media Reaction
  • Process Content
  • Engagement Matrix- Quantify your social media reach/Spot trending stories
  •  Improves the traffic quality and creativity of the ad making it admirable.
  Hospitality BI

Key Features

  •  Find extravagant dashboards for hotels and its customers with an detailed eye on the analysis of never imagined piece of data.
  • Hospitality BI,ensures appropriate service rendered by the hotel alongwith an overview of the optimum usage details of the customer.
  • The BI focuses on maximum benefits drawn from the system while engaging its clients/customers.
  • Furnishes all the information captured into an analytical report as and when required to present.